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  • Steven Tayor
    Mar 31 1:22 PM
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      Re: Bad Four Violins experience at work.

      Actually i ended up having a very positive experience when playing the 'May 1965' piece at
      work... I was listening on headphones and one of the artists in my office enquired as to
      what i was listening to... i gave him the headphones, he stood there waiting... waiting
      for something to 'happen' i guess :), anyway he handed the phones back with a raised
      eyebrow kind of expression... with the obligatory 'what the fuck?!'... I briefly tried to
      explain the background to the piece, which didnt help much (im no expert,...)... but it
      occured to me to try and communicate in terms with which he was more familiar, I explained
      that I got as much enjoyment and inspiration from the piece that he might get from a
      simple but elegant brush stroke or art such a Mondrian (ok this is where i began
      'bluffing'!). Now i dont have a clue about Art,.. but i found a little extra effort on my
      part to justify the music from a different perspective really helped.. both for my
      understanding and the baffled Artist!
      Now all i need is someone to ask me what im listening to next time i indulge in some Tod

      Oeivind Idsoe wrote:

      > I agree, the music�s probably odd, as it�s definitely not the norm. Being a student,
      > though, I guess I am surrounded by people who aren�t *that* narrowminded, although the
      > actual openmindedness and radicality of students is in general highly overrated.

      To be honest I had a very hard time finding like-minded souls when i was a student... I
      would say I am in a slightly better position now than I was (although i do have the
      benefit of being in the presence of a few open minded artists/designers... rather than
      brick layers or filing clerks!, dammit ive just made a stereotypical remark... this isnt

      > I won�t get snobbish about it, though (but I�m only saying that because I�m vain),
      > because you just have to find other things to talk about, like maybe a book you�ve
      > read.

      I think a major problem is that a lot of the music discussed on this list is pretty
      'selfish' in one form or another, and in fact real enjoyment of highly abstract works can
      often give emotions which kind of fall into a grey area which can be mis-construed as
      Snobbery. I dont deny taking comfort from extreme enjoyment of some really difficult
      music, and thinking.. 'i cant think of anyone else who would like this'... is that a
      selfish or personal experience?

      > > I find myself lying these days
      > > when i get asked "Do you like ******", because if I say 'no' or 'its not really my
      > > kind of thing' you can really offend people and it can make life pretty awkward. Is
      > > it just me that goes through this?!! :-)
      > Been there, yes. Of course, it�s not so bad if you know the person you are talking to,
      > but when it�s about people you�ve only just met, or met recently, it can get pretty
      > awkward. Sociality dictates some kind of courtesy (sp?) under these circumstances

      Yep. I find that people i can relate to musically are the kind that will play me something
      and not get offended when i say 'thats rubbish!' (also they are the same souls that i can
      sit with and listen to music for hours, not uttering more than a few words).

      Someone else mentioned 'koyaanisqatsi' i also had a very bad experience with this at
      work... and i consider the piece fairly mainstream!


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