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2710Re: Dumbing down...

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  • Mark Coyle
    Mar 30, 1999
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      >single week at work (on headphones of course!..). I find myself lying these
      >when i get asked "Do you like ******", because if I say 'no' or 'its not
      really my
      >kind of thing' you can really offend people and it can make life pretty
      awkward. Is
      >it just me that goes through this?!! :-)

      I get it, I'm sure we all do. A guy at work who thinks Oasis are
      experimental thought I was insane when I tried to explain, Pole and Oval. I
      gave up even trying to discuss Frnech musique concrete. It all started when
      I said I like Brian Eno. They all went "ahhhhhhh" looked at each other
      conspiratorially and moved on.
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