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2709Dumbing down...

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  • Steven Tayor
    Mar 30, 1999
      Oeivind Idsoe wrote:

      > The same concept, albeit with a different name, seems to have been applied, at
      > least to a certain extent, in the Housemartins thread. If you like them you will
      > perhaps be categorized as the intellectual who�s trying to be popular or talk
      > the talk with the popular media, and if you don�t like them you perhaps being an
      > intellectual snob whose contempt for popular culture is simply adornious. This
      > kind of dialectic is, IMO, a dead end, because it doesn�t allow those
      > useful/wonderful in-between spaces to flourish. I am, of course, not saying that
      > these things shouldn�t be discussed but I just find it tedious to find the same
      > predictable categories applied when- and wherever the subject of fx. popular vs.
      > serious comes up.

      I try and avoid discussions of music where I work. Although it is a very young and
      creative company of a considerable size (Computer games company) I reckon 99.9% of
      my colleagues would find the music I listen to 'fucking odd' (to quote a more
      expressive workmate). This I can handle, its a fair point, it is generally odd. But
      people take this as confrontation, and see it as resentment towards the music which
      they prefer... and the defences go up.Generally most people seem to listen to 1-2
      recognised genres of music, whereas I will maybe listen to 10 genres of music in a
      single week at work (on headphones of course!..). I find myself lying these days
      when i get asked "Do you like ******", because if I say 'no' or 'its not really my
      kind of thing' you can really offend people and it can make life pretty awkward. Is
      it just me that goes through this?!! :-)

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