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  • Matthew Weber
    Mar 2, 1999
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      At 03:16 AM 3/2/99 -0400, you wrote:
      >From: pathos <mpathos@...>
      >Hi everybody,
      >Although it'll undoubtedly slow down the production of my own music
      >further, I'd really like to get my hands on a copy of the "Mystery
      >Sonatas" Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber. They seem to be fairly unavailable
      >commercially, but as Tony Conrad once had a good experience with them,
      >they sound worth checking out.
      >If anybody has a copy, I'd be willing to negotiate.
      >sincerely, M. pathos

      Your best bet is to get it from a library. If you're affiliated with an
      academic institution, you should be able to get a copy easily through
      inter-library loan; some larger public libraries also participate in ILL.

      There is a Universal-Edition from 1923 that seems fairly common and
      shouldn't be too expensive if you find it used. Further complicating the
      matter, these pieces are known by a couple of other titles: the "Rosary"
      Sonatas, or the Funfzehn Mysterien fur Violine und Klavier nach
      Kupferstichen biblischer Historien, for example.

      Good luck in your search.

      Matthew Weber
      Library Assistant III
      Music Library
      University of California, Berkeley

      Joyous distrust is a sign of health. Everything absolute belongs to
      Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), notes for _The Will to Power_ (1883-1888)
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