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  • GaryLeeG
    Feb 28, 1999
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      > From: John Everall <john.sentrax@...>
      >Wagner wasn't a Nazi....
      >Talking of separating an artist's personality and their work, I recall
      Steve Albini
      >saying one of his favourite bands was Screwdriver! I think he may have been
      trying to
      >wind-up an NME journalist at the time...

      This is an interesting ethical question. If someone currently making music
      declared themselves a racist, I'm sure a lot of us would avoid their stuff
      like the plague. But it's OK for historic figures... Does it boil down to
      current social impact? Wagners long dead so his views can't do any harm?
      This isn't something I've really thought about before so any points...

      Speaking of Albini...

      >Is there anyone out there who would be kind enough to sell me the
      >Shellac's The Futurist LP.

      Is this a new album? Please tell me it's better than Terraform...

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