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  • Sid Smith
    Jun 11 1:23 PM
      Hi there,
      Has any one come across Rafael Toral ? I've just got an album called
      Wave Field by this guitarist who hails from Portugal. It consists of
      three tracks featuring processed drones generated by a Fender Jaguar and
      a small army of effects racks.

      There's a great amount of attention paid to the texture of the sound and
      though it relies heavily on processed and filtered drones it avoids
      ending up as "easy ambient". Released on Dexters Cigar dex 14 1997 -
      well worth an investigation.

      Also more than worthy of your consideration is The Gates Of Paradise by
      Robert Fripp released by DGM. Part of his ongoing Soundscapes
      investigations, he uses a digital pallette to conjure sinister
      orchestras, and ghostly shards of choirs which suggest some of the early
      work of Ligetti to my ears. Long sections of swirling disonance give
      way to the blissed out melodic style with which Fripp may be more
      readily associated. As a long standing Fripp enthusiast, I would regard
      this one as one of his best. I guess it's probably a bit too mainstream
      compared to Sun City Girls but hey give it a chance.