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20007ADMIN: end of the list?

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  • a_j_fleming
    Jun 23, 2008
      Hi everybody, your friendly moderator here,

      The list first picked up steam just over 10 years ago (10? I was in
      college!). Most of these types of discussions moved to other kinds of
      spaces shortly after the great Web 2.0 internet buzzword maelstrom
      started, but I hesitated to pull the plug prematurely. Now that we're
      at our lowest ebb (fewer than 30 messages per month), it seems
      appropriate to close up shop. After all, we haven't been listed in
      the mag for at least 5 years.

      I'm going to let this sit for a week just to make sure anybody who
      wants can offer their thoughts on the matter, and then I will turn off
      life support around next Monday evening. I'll switch the list over to
      announcements-only (no posts from members) and sort out archives and
      whatnot later.

      If you're looking to get your final shot off in the lawn furniture
      that plays 4'33" thread of 2001 or want one last chance to call me,
      Kraig O'Grady, or Davis Ford a Nazi, you've got one week to do so in a
      public forum. Or if you're secretly Keith McColl subscribed under
      some alias, please post one last time because it would personally
      amuse me. Thanks and good evening to all 1366 of you.

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