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  • Davis Ford
    Apr 16, 1998
      >I'd just like to say that I totally support this initiative. I'm not
      >exactly a devout follower of Wire magazine but I do read it once in a
      >while and enjoy it. I'm coming from an electronic/industrial background
      >but I am also interested in jazz/hip-hop/dub and the more adventurous
      >parts of "alternative rock" (kranky, thrill jockey etc). Like Wire
      >Magazine, I hope this list will cover a range of topics and musical
      >styles ignored elsewhere.

      Hey, right on. A subscriber and the virgin poster. I have high aspirations
      for this list. While I don't necessarily worship the Wire, it does seem to
      cater to my personal music flavor in more ways than one, and I'm continually
      discussing bands covered in it with friends. Hence, this list. Hopefully,
      we'll get some good discussion going.

      btw, there's a nice promo going on right now if you subscribe to the
      magazine. you get three free cd's: cover cd that came with the april issue,
      tony conrad, and your pick of a table of the elements release.

      >Just ramblin'...:-)


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