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19931New Yellow6 album available NOW!

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  • Jon Attwood
    Mar 13, 2008

      just a quick announcement to say that the new double CD "when the leaves
      fall like snow" arrived from the pressing plant today and is available
      direct from yellow6.com NOW. It will be available from the make mine music
      website next week and in the shops around 14th April.

      There's some edited songs on the MySpace page for you to check out (and one
      on the Wire Tapper CD on the front of the latest issue of The Wire) but for
      the full effect, get the double CD

      cost is 11 pounds (UK) 12 pounds (EU) and 12.50 (R.O.W) including shipping
      and you can get it by paypal to jon@...

      if you want to know more, or ask nicely for a promo copy (you maybe asked to
      prove your worthiness :-) just mail me

      thanks for listening


      - y e l l o w 6 -
      <http://www.yellow6.com/> www.yellow6.com

      - make mine music -
      www.makeminemusic.co.uk <http://www.makeminemusic.co.uk/>

      - MySpace -

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