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19842Mike Tamburo November Tour Dates With Horseback + Fantastic Voyagers Compilation

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  • Mike Tamburo
    Oct 31, 2007
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      Mike Tamburo and Horseback November Tour

      I am doing a solo hammered dulcimer tour. No effects, no guitar, only
      hammered dulcimer!!! it should be a real good time.

      Nov 1 611 Florida Ave - Washington DC
      Nov 2 Big Rock Candy Mountain - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Nov 3 not yet confirmed (probably a house show in Connecticut or a
      loft show in Baltimore)
      Nov 4 Kriya Studios- Burlington, Vermont
      Nov 5 ???
      Nov 6 not yet confirmed (probably Boulder Coffee Company - Rochester, NY)
      Nov 7 Bohemian National Home - Detroit, Michigan
      Nov 8 Million Tongues Festival @ AV-aerie Chicago, Illinois
      Nov 9 Either off or a house show in Iowa City
      Nov 10 The Open Lot - St. Louis, Missouri
      Nov 11 Cactus Club - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      Nov 12 The Cinemat - Bloomington, Indiana
      Nov 13 ????
      Nov 14 Mr. Roboto Project (with kohoutek and uptight) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
      Nov 15 The Starlight - Lynchburg, Virginia
      Nov 16 Square One - Greensboro, North Carolina
      Nov 17 Gerrard Hall - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

      I will have most of the NAFH catalog with me on tour. We are still
      having a sale on NAFH001-NAFH030
      Any three CD Releases for $20 US and $24 Non US
      Any three 3" Releases for $14 US and $17 Non US

      ALSO NOW AVAILABLE ON NAFH!!! paypal lastamericanhero@...

      {NAFH34} Fantastic Voyagers Volume One
      CDR limited to 200 copies
      $5 Pittsburgh
      $6.50 US
      $8.00 Non US
      Compilation featuring 18 of the 28 performers from the first Fantastic
      Voyagers Festival. Features Dave Kuzy, Dave Bernabo, Michael
      Cosentino, Nick Schillace, Alexei Plotnicov, Adam MacGregor, Anup
      Kishore Pradhan, Layne Garrett, Josh Beyer, R. Keenan Lawler, Hunted
      Creatures, Noctuelles, Mike Tamburo, Ken Camden, Eric Carbonara,
      Elastic Dimension, Tusk Lord, Advancement In Regression