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  • Jon Attwood
    Aug 19, 2007
      Sunday 19 august 2007

      Another sunny summers day in England… ok, it’s raining again…

      Just a little news update on a few things you may find interesting….

      Fist up, some gig dates – one soon, one not so… both in Luton, Bedfordshire

      01 sept 2007

      SNAFU @ The Hat Factory, Luton

      yellow6 / Dont Move Play Dead / Some Princes / Horselover Fat

      01 December 2007

      Slave Bells @ The Hat Factory, Luton

      Rothko / Ramses III (t.b.c.) / yellow6

      More info on the Without Dead Time sites (they are the nice people who are
      organising them)



      Some releases:

      DIGITAL DOWNLOADS!!! The Make Mine Music catalogue will be available as
      digital download from Boomkat as of 22 August 2007.

      In addition to the entire MMM catalogue, there will be a number of digital
      only releases of sold-out releases, previously issued on other labels.
      Aside from the Portal releases from Roisin, some long lost Y6 is available:


      music for pleasure


      there is also a cheapo MMM sampler with tracks from most MMM artists for

      go here to find more: <http://www.boomkat.com/> http://www.boomkat.com/

      Lastly, there are a couple of physical releases of y6 material on
      compilations… a new and exclusive song ‘encase’ will be on the new Little
      Darla compilation CD, available early September 2007
      <http://www.darla.com/> www.darla.com (a few copies available from me) and I
      have a collaboration with Dave Collingwood (Gravenhurst/Azalea City Penis
      Club) on the forthcoming Dreamboat records sampler

      That’s all for now – unless anyone knows of contacts for gig promoters in or
      near Stockholm


      Current fave listening:

      Grails – Burning Off Impurities

      Fear Falls Burning – once we all walk through solid objects

      Eluvium / jesu – split

      Gregor Samsa – 27:36

      Labradford – fixed:context

      - y e l l o w 6 -
      <http://www.yellow6.com/> www.yellow6.com

      - make mine music -
      www.makeminemusic.co.uk <http://www.makeminemusic.co.uk/>

      - MySpace -

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