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19667The Image and the Real - An Upcoming Interactive Performance - April 7th

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  • JC
    Mar 31, 2007
      Mission Arts & Performance Project
      The Image and The Real

      A RFCL Production

      You are invited to enter an experimental space where creation will be taken
      out of the hands of the elite few
      and restored to the community.
      Join us in the hospitality of L's Café as we weave music and imagery,
      improvised theatrics and sound into a seamless tapestry.

      Where is the line between creator and created; observer and observed?

      Within this unique gathering you will be asked to cross the line
      and become an active element within a living work of art.

      The music of Kyron sets the stage,
      opening a chamber of childlike discovery, and prelinguistic expression.

      You will be ushered in and invited to play by strange apparitions,
      your guides in this twilight space between the Image and the Real.

      This event is free and open to the public. Pay with your Presence.

      Saturday, April 7th
      Time 7pm-10pm
      At L's Cafe
      2871 24th St, San Francisco, 94110
      (415) 206-0274

      This event is a part of MAPP - Mission Arts and Performance Project.
      For more information about MAPP, go here:

      For more information about RFCL and Black Note Music, go here:



      JC Mendizabal
      Black Note Music
      Via Sinistrae

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