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19348Unnaceptable Behaviour of Yahoo in China

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  • giles thomas
    Mar 31, 2006
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      I am going to sever all my links with Yahoo. The reason is the second
      case of the imprisonment in China of a journalist based on evidence
      freely provided by Yahoo. I rationalised the first incident which led
      to the imprisonment for eight years of Li Zhi. This second
      incrimination can in no way be innocent but was carried through in
      cold blood in the full knowledge of the consequences of their actions.
      This time journalist Shi Tao has been sentenced to ten years
      confinement on political grounds. His wife is being forced to divorce
      him against her will & his mother is under continual pressure to
      denounce her son.
      As a musician working in a marginal area of music I depend on three
      Yahoo groups: Chi-Improv, Improvised Music & The Wire. I depend on
      these groups to disseminate information about my work & the other
      artists I work with. I have made friends on these groups & learnt a
      great deal from all of you. In spite of this I feel obliged to leave
      as a matter of conscience. I don't want to be confronted with my
      compliance everytime I log in or feel that I am ignoring the plight of
      this courageous man & his family out of convenience. In the near term
      I will set up an independent forum for improvised music which I hope
      some of you will participate in. For those of you who want further
      information you can start with these links:



      With best wishes to all of you,