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  • rinus van alebeek
    Mar 15, 2006
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      Sorry for any crosspostings,

      Hello listeners,

      Today march 15th at 9.30 A.M.
      I officially released my cassette 'Fish'
      by throwing it overboard
      from the Ferryboat 'Eurostar Roma',
      that took me from Civitavecchia to Barcelona.

      I estimate that it must be floating somehow exactly between the coasts of
      Sardegna and Spain,
      and heading for Sardegna. The wind was very strong.


      My three months illegal stay in Italy has come to an end.
      Some of my disadventures have been published on the no-budget blog.


      greetings from barcelona,


      activities, releases, downloads http://emc.yserv.com/103

      The no-budget Foundation http://no-bf.blogspot.com/

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