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19203RE : [thewire] Best of 2005

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  • Vincent Bergeron
    Dec 11, 2005
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      That's the thing ? Why should everybody talk about the same damn artists when there is so many interesting ones that nobody dare to talk about. Myself, i have this habit of following a little bit what the BIG magazines are talking about, but i find less and less satisfaction in listening to this pseudo-avant-whatever, that barely do anything new. I think the real interesting names are mentionned on more obscure publications, and i'm probably missing them right now...

      I never listened so much music in my life, but yet i feel that i barely cover anything.

      Simon Fay <simonfay2001@...> a écrit : Hmm, am struck by fact that 2 years after my 'Wire'
      subscription lapses the four charts submitted so far
      contain barely three names I even recognise as having
      come across before...

      Who are THE drop-names/scenes in its pages these days?

      MInd you the mag had already lost my heart to this
      situation (not quite so pronounced then) long before
      they lost my account.

      Only thing released this year that I've heard in full
      is the Robert Plant album (chuckle)


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