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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    Nov 9, 2005
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      bart / wreck this mess
      will be DJing and lecturing on the subject of Cargo Cult [via beer,
      radio, yodeling, and religion] as part of the [Radio]
      WORM evening devoted to Cargo Cult[ure] which will also feature live
      bands and short films,
      noise, performance, video
      Cargo Cult / Lading-worshippen
      The Owl Project [concert]
      Masonic Youth [concert / ritual]
      Sander Blom [film]
      bart plantenga [reading/lezing/DJ/visuals]
      Stichting G.A.N.G. [KANpagne]
      Guido Rainier van Troost [performance/video]
      Leonard en Jeroen [video]
      Videohoek [div.]
      Saturday 12 November
      WORM - de Player, delistraat 30
      kaartje; http://www.deplayer.nl/route.htm (en doorklikken)

      ---> More generally, "cargo cult" has become a generic term for any
      quasi-religious behavior involving the appropriation - mystification
      of an object - Coke can, Lara Croft images, healing crystal, or
      Hermes bag as an object imbued with ritualistic or magical powers
      that may involve altering one's luck or social status or serve as a
      rite of passage for teenagers or other segments of a population that
      have lost their identity in the processes of globalization. To
      paraphrase Hakim Bey: "Any technology you don't understand is
      effectively magic."

      What the Melanesians did with airplane replicas, we do in our own
      ways with our own stuff - we try to hedge our bets, alter our
      reality, conjure up a better future, kill time employing our intimate
      voodoo - usually a gobbledy-gook of half-chewed religious beliefs,
      obsessions, superstitions and advice read in cheap glossies. We all
      carry Cargo cults inside us - but they're usually called something
      else: personal perspective, credo, lifestyle, belief system, or
      something to that effect. There's patriotism, ESP, Catholicism, pride
      of addiction, followers of Raj Neesh, or Wal-Mart's employee
      motivational behavior modification conferences, each with their own
      attractions and detractions.

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