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19149Re: [thewire] AMM gig last night

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  • Nat Hawks
    Nov 2, 2005
      i just recently joined this list.

      i've been on the idmlist for years and years. great
      discussion there. great community. solid arguments.
      varied genres discussed (i learned about Fantoms from
      the damned IDM list for christsake), and i will say
      that one of the reasons the list is so strange is that

      a) the moderator is a strong presence when need be and
      b) the list doesn't take any bull-honkey for the most
      part. if someone/thing is wasting everyone's time,
      they are told so, in public. it works out in the end.

      folks still post promotionals, and shows, and their
      own work, but without discussion around it, this list
      is just a bulletin board at your local ecclectic music

      --- richardreesjones <richardreesjones@...>

      > Anyone else go to this? I was seriously
      > underwhelmed, I have to say.
      > I've never been bored by AMM before, but I certainly
      > was last night.
      > Rowe's departure seems to have crippled their
      > creativity. David
      > Jackman was a fairly inconsequential presence. Why
      > didn't Prevost play
      > his full kit? And were my ears deceiving me, or did
      > I hear some very
      > Rowe-like radio excerpts, which were presumably
      > coming from tapes?
      > By the way, this list is getting pretty poor for
      > discussion. It's
      > still full of promotional stuff even though there is
      > now a separate
      > list for that. Is there anything that can be done
      > to make the
      > advertisers move to the list that has been set up
      > for them?
      > Richard

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