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  • stelios_korres
    Sep 29 6:48 AM
      for some items on sale on ebay, like:
      -Bradford red light District LP(Nww/Throbbing Gristle/Whitehouse)
      orig.Come Organisation
      -Decayes Accidentatal Music LP
      -V/A Mineral Composition LP
      -V/A Flawmotion
      -P.D. Inweglos LP
      -Tolerance Divin LP
      -V/A Schau hor mein herz ist rhein LP w/P.D.
      -Biota LP
      -Current 93/Coil/Boyd Rice Sickness of Snakes LP
      -Coil Hellraiser 10"
      -Crash Worship 1st LP
      -David Prescott LP
      -V/A From Torture to conscience LP
      -Fote LP(Sema)
      -V/A Apo Mikhanis Music w/Hafler Trio
      -V/A International Compilation Vol.2 LP Bain Total w/Maurizio Bianchi
      -V/A Stuhlgangblockade LP Schimpfluch w/Runzelstrin & Gurgelstock,
      -Nurse with wound Diana Rogerson LP
      -Nurse with wound / Unveiled Charlottenborg LP
      -DDAA / Nurse with wound / Graeme Revell LP
      -Nurse with wound Drunk with the old man LP re
      -Ora Aureum LP
      -Robert Haigh=Sema LPs
      -V/A Neuengamme w/Sutcilffe Jugend
      -Xper.Xr LP
      and lots more have a look here:
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