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18982No to Shell

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  • Stevo
    Jul 3, 2005
      Sorry I hope this isn't too political for the list, but it is an
      issue that really bothers me right now

      I've just been sitting up in a van on a bog road in Rossport in North
      Mayo. I was trying to prevent Shell from taking advantage of power
      they hold over the Irish government which was allowing them to lay an
      extremely dangerous gas pipeline through residential farming land.
      Now these 5 local farmers have been locked up in Dublin for
      attempting pipe being layed on their own land.

      These guys do have a great deal of conviction. Their families stand
      firmly behind them. Today's Irish radio news was full of a story of
      attempts of resolving the issue behind this. To my ears that smacks
      of a further attempt by Shell to 'convince' these people of the
      safety of a highly volatile, deeply dangerous everyday hazard.
      I think the correct procedure from here on would be for Shell to stop
      trying to impose on the little man.
      tells more of the story.

      I am glad to be able to say that half of Mayo appears to be
      expressing full support of these men. This has lead to several people
      who had been working ion the Shell scheme jacking their jobs in.

      I would really like it if everybody out there thought twice about
      buying Shell or Statoil related goods. Preferably boycotting the
      company fully.

      I've just discovered a set of MP3s excerpts from a press conference
      that was done yesterday

      I think this provides even greater detail on the background.
      Np Van Morrison Common One