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18946Re: [thewire] Re: Parmegiani/ any other ina grm recommendations?

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  • Guillaume Grenier
    May 31, 2005
      On 28/05/05 06:47, David Fenech said in living color:

      >> Anyway, I like Parmegiani, Bayle, Henry, Ferrari, etc, can anyone
      >> recommend any of the less well-known (relatively speaking) stuff
      >> on ina grm?
      > if you like Luc Ferrari and Pierre henry, you should also check
      > records by Michel Chion (requiem) , Denis Dufour and Michele
      > Bokanowski. they're lesser known than this trinity, but still very
      > good composers.

      Not on INA-GRM, but more or less in the same aesthetic lineage: Francis
      Dhomont, on the label empreintes DIGITALes (while you're at it, consider
      hearing whatever is released on that label...)



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