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18944Re: [thewire] Parmegiani/ any other ina grm recommendations?

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  • Mark Pedersen
    May 28, 2005
      On 5/28/05, gradyfinklemyer <gradyfinklemyer@...> wrote:
      > This guy is awesome! Anyone hear "Capture Ephemere" on the La Memoire
      > Des Sons album? Holy crap! It's like a machine gun of musique concrete
      > that will fry your brain!

      I heard Parmegiani 'perform' "Capture Ephemere" on a 8 channel array
      at Liquid Architecture in 2003 - and yes it was mind blowing - most
      evocative piece of electronic composition I've heard in a long time -
      I just can't imagine what it would have been like to hear this back in
      1967.... anyone on the list listening to Bernard back then?

      sorry I don't have any additional recommendations for you - I'd like
      some guidance in that area myself - gotta know your roots.....
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