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18898RE: [thewire] Anthony Braxton 60th Birthday Collection

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  • Franz Fuchs
    May 5, 2005
      > Maybe a nice contribution would be concurrent concerts in
      > multiple cities, not necessarily of HIS music. but reflecting
      > his influence on a musician's thinking & performing ?
      > What thinkest thee ?

      No doubt, that's a laudable idea! Ideally such events (I guess you'll
      provide details if your plan should become concrete) would also - I hope
      I'm not sounding pushy - draw discreetly attention to the PayPal

      For the time being, I know of one Braxton tribute concert (which has a
      different direction, though).

      Gino Robair is prominently involved in organizing it. He wrote on the
      Braxton list:

      "As part of the annual Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival, we will be
      celebrating the 60th birthday of Anthony Braxton by assembling a
      60-piece creative orchestra to play pieces from throughout his vast
      catalog of works. The event will take place on Satruday evening, June 4,
      2005 at 21 Grand, Oakland, CA. We're still working out the details of
      the instrumentation and pieces, but it'll combine ensemble works, solo
      pieces, sections of GTM, and a variety of other structures. I'll send
      out an update as we solidify the program."


      Best regards
      Franz Fuchs
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