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18897FW: [thewire] Anthony Braxton 60th Birthday Collection

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  • michael jackson
    May 5, 2005
      Maybe a nice contribution would be concurrent concerts in multiple cities,
      not necessarily of HIS
      music. but reflecting his influence on a musician's thinking & performing ?
      What thinkest thee ?

      >On June 4th multi-instrumentalist/composer/writer/teacher Anthony
      >Braxton will be turning 60. 2005 is his 39th year in Creative Musics and
      >38 years have passed since his recording debut on (Muhal) Richard
      >Abrams' "Levels And Degrees of Light". One outcome of Braxton's
      >never-wavering dedication over these four decades is a qualitively
      >astounding discography of nearly 250 albums.
      >Braxton's birthday provides a great opportunity for us to show our
      >appreciation - not only of his music but for him as an artist who held
      >out through rough times (like the first half of the 80s or the period
      >after his expensive opera project "Trillium R", 1996).
      >Mr. Braxton has been quite generous about his fans' sharing of OOP
      >records (for example the scandalously unavailable Arista albums!) and
      >even encourages it. So if you partook in trading/downloading this
      >material or live bootlegs or if you simply want to make a birthday
      >present you can do this now through the "Anthony Braxton 60th Birthday
      >The procedure: Click
      >Both links lead to the following PayPal page
      >and are provided for better usability.
      >The "AB60thBC" utilizes a PayPal business account. Therefore donors
      >don't need to be PayPal members and can send their contributions also
      >with their credit cards. Only 1.5% PP transaction fees will be deducted
      >from each donation - the rest will be taken over by us.
      >*Mr. Braxton will get 98.5% of the total sum of the
      >Once the campaign has ended (June 30th), the money will be sent to
      >Braxton via check. Proof that he got it will be provided with scans of
      >the transaction stub and/or a message from Mr. Braxton.
      >Braxton himself doesn't know about this initiative yet.
      >Please forward this mail (or only the link to the PP account page) to
      >any person that might be interested in contributing to the campaign.
      >Thanks in advance for any donation!
      >Greg Blake - manager of the "AB 60th birthday" PP account
      >Franz Fuchs - moderator of the Braxton mailing list
      >Some links:
      >- Anthony Braxton And The Tri-Centric Foundation
      > (+ Braxton House label)
      >- Jason Guthartz's Braxton discography
      >- The Restructures link library with articles on & interviews
      > with Braxton
      >- Yahoo mailing list (founded in 1999)
      >- Braxton audio lecture 1985 (nearly two hours!) at
      > Other Minds/Internet Archive
      >- Interview with Downbeat's John Corbett (1994)
      >- Interview with Fred Jung (2001)
      >- The monumental "Third Milleniall Interview"
      > (60 000 words!) with Mike Heffley
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