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  • M St-Germain
    Apr 20, 2005


      This weekend, gather up ye winter blahs and blow them out your head, as we
      are approaching the end times and what better nastiness to celebrate?
      Infinity no more. What's been collected is a cross-section of strange,
      challenging and amazing music's, from disparate genres and styles with
      something unclassifiable that makes them brothers and sisters. Hardcore
      with flute and clarinet, crazy junk no wave overload, horror movie
      soundtrack density bombs, out rap stranging Keith even, subtle free improve,
      insane blood guaranteed free jazz, oscillator/echoplex noise mashing,
      hanatarash meets the west coast ad infinitum plus more uncategorizable

      Please understand that this has been a huge huge problem of a horse to
      wrangle in. Macalester pulled out 2 weeks before the show refused money and
      venue so everything has moved a bit, but still on and still strong.
      However, I'm getting a lot of questions about what is going on when. It's
      not that hard. First night, Friday, bands play. They are coming from other
      towns. No one from here. They are playing in their bands with material
      they conceived before they arrived. This is at Big V's in St-Paul and it
      starts at 5 PM. Second night, the JAMS. No band you have ever seen before
      is playing. Remember that first night? All those people who played that
      night are now thrown into a large pool and are joined by selected local
      musicians from a wide range of groups. Then I take a huge slotted spoon and
      mix up that pool, and start randomly placing people into BRAND NEW BANDS who
      will play on stage together for the first time ever. That's why it's called
      THE JAMS. Does this make sense? This is at the Kitty Cat Klub at starts at
      7 PM. Then the third and final day on Sunday. Simply put, it's a barbeque.
      With Paul Metzger and Michael Yonkers providing digestive nuances for your
      ears and stomachs. I recommend bringing your own food to grill as well as
      your own beer and whatnot. I'll be lucky to not lose 1000$ on this badboy
      so I won't be feeding the mouths of the hungry on this one. This is at my
      house (be nice) and starts at 3 pm. Music most likely not until 4:30 if you
      just want to show up and not talk to people.

      BUT I will have Tamales available for both the first and second days of the
      show. There will also be a compilation CD of the bands to purchase (I
      highly recommend this option to fully understand what is going on). Now I
      understand that many of you probably haven't heard of these bands. Rest
      assured, as Adam Boysen says, "See bands who will be briefly featured in
      misleading Spin articles tomorrow, TODAY!" If you are only familiar with
      say even one, the rest will blow you away. And the locals in support the
      following night should also cream you down. Expand your horizons and check
      out what is an extremely cheap deal for an amazing amount of challenging

      Check the website tomorrow for Friday's Schedule/Order.

      APRIL 22ND, 23RD AND 24TH

      APRIL 22ND 5 PM-2 AM 21+ $10-12
      <http://www.bigvs.com> Big V's 1567 University Ave St-Paul

      Nice Nice (http:// <http://www.nicenice.net/> www.nicenice.net/) :
      "Formally carrying the name Nice Nice since 1999, guitarist Jason Buehler
      and percussionist Mark Shirazi have been playing music together for over ten
      years. Their intense rhythmic dialogue heard in their songs speaks volumes
      about the connection between the two as they layer runaway melodies and
      free-form noise into some of the most creative beat-based rock music you
      will ever hear. It's not unrealistic to assume that you've never heard
      anything like it, as most everyone
      that's ever witnessed their awe-inspiring live shows is left speechless,
      with nothing to compare it to. Most shocking is the fact that it's largely
      improvisational and always live. No overdubs, no samples. Certainly not the
      first band to successfully trap virtuoso playing into loops that you can
      dance to, Nice Nice has definitely done so with the least amount of
      pretense, making it both intellectually stimulating and fun as hell to
      listen to. They say it, we believe it, and that settles it!"
      -- http://www.temporaryresidence.com/

      Caleb Johnston (http:// <http://www.heresee.com> www.heresee.com)
      "Caleb Johnston is usually one blink of an eye away from dropping
      everything, roaming the earth, and staring at rocks all day. In the mean
      time he is designing, building, and torture tuning pipe organs for a living.
      Music ventures aims are to make your head pop off, give to others, feel
      anything, and crack open times mirage. These are not the only ideas ever
      conveyed, but some secrets must be left for people to discover. The band
      also wishes that there was a more direct connection between the brain
      patterns and the airways besides equipment. Until then I will continue to
      partake in projects like opening up vintage modular synthesizers, home built
      circuits, strings, and bastardized reversed vacuum cleaners for portable
      pipe organs. Floating around with other objects in the universe are 2
      anonymous vinyl records and a handful of collaborations, easily found with a
      little effort. I love birds, hogs, and tongues. I hate clocks, cars, and
      telephones. Brother of Twig from Nautical Almanac"

      Yellow Swans (http:// <http://www.jyrk.com/yellowswans/>
      www.jyrk.com/yellowswans/) :
      "Yellow Swans add a layer of mush to the increasingly crunchy progression,
      wilderness howls absorbed into locomotive heft, and you get a sort of
      answer to minimalism, as in "no structure is left standing." -- George Chen,
      the SF Bay Guardian
      "Every time they play, Yellow Swans add a different prefix starting with 'D'
      to their name. Though 'Dead Yellow Swans' brought to mind tragic and
      Technicolor imagery, 'Derrida' is probably the most appropriate. The duo
      shears beats into ragged strips of chaotic noise, through a shredder of
      electronics, voice, and guitar. So, like, Deconstructionist Yellow Swans?"
      -- Julianne Shepperd, the Portland Mercury

      Leprechaun/Noel Von Harmonson
      "Hailing from San Francisco, Leprechaun is one Noel Harmonson. You might
      know him as the noise maker/echoplex dude from the mighty Comets On Fire. He
      also jams in The Lowdown. This is his solo insane noise project. KILLER"

      John Wiese
      (http:// <http://home.earthlink.net/~johnwiese/helicopter.html>
      Having opened for Sonic Youth, shared a split single with Thurston Moore and
      collaborated with Wolf Eyes, John Wiese may be the next artist from the
      noise cabal to catch the ears of a (slightly) larger audience. His most
      recent album, 2004's Magical Crystal Blah (Helicopter), finds Wiese creating
      more than a half-hour's worth of stuttering screeches, scratches and
      gurgling noises divided into five tracks. Most of the sounds aren't easily
      recognizable-neither as coming from an instrument nor emanating from
      anything particularly discernible. As such, the record is fascinating for
      what it throws at you-from left field, no doubt.
      -- Stephen Slaybaugh,

      Coughs (http:// <http://www.loadrecords.com/bands/coughs.html>
      "Crawling out the middle hole of the US, Chicago's Coughs are a six piece
      band with kling-klang percussion from sheets of metal, snaking melodies
      crawling out of exotic instruments, and racy patter..." -- Load Records
      " . . . the last good Chicago band. Junkyard sexually integrated punk/no
      wave overload with double percussion, sax, filth guitar and bloodcurdling
      -- Weasel Walter, http://nowave.pair.com <http://nowave.pair.com/>

      Sejayno http:// <http://www.ciat-lonbarde.net/> www.ciat-lonbarde.net/
      "Sejayno is Don Sallo, Jak Russel and Burt Duns. They will do any public
      speaking event, because they are trying to bring public speaking into time
      travel, usually to ancient times. In the time travel we use ancient
      electronic time travel techniques: flipped delay, maraca skip, and
      ultrasound speech rotation. On a winter tour of the west coast, we learned
      wavy wacky voice, and hippy fluttertalk. Also we were introduced to Dr. Gene
      Scott of LA, a master of public speaking. Sejayno is enacting a
      multi-year-long journey from electronic time travel techniques to those
      based on the lute. We strongly believe that as long as we truly imagine
      ourselves to be ancient people we will always be ancient people."

      Taiwan Deth (http:// <http://www.tanasfuck.com> www.tanasfuck.com ) :
      "The duo Taiwan Deth represent a swelling underground of avant-noise-improv
      groups whose far-ranging soundscapes signify nothing short of a total war
      against mainstream American culture." -- Jonathan Marx,
      http://www.nashvillescene.com <http://www.nashvillescene.com/>

      Hive Mind (http:// <http://hivemind.sinkhole.net/> hivemind.sinkhole.net/ )
      "Imagine John Carpenter and Throbbing Gristle joining forces to score music
      for nightmares - Hive Mind's death-dirge horrorscapes are not too far off.
      Sand Beasts builds slowly from dark low-end analogue drones into rumbling
      speaker-threatening frequencies, piling on peaks of visceral, almost
      tactile, electronic churn
      and circuit carnage." -- four star review of "Sand Beasts", Andrew Carden,
      MOJO Magazine

      Occasional Detroit (http:// <http://www.beyababa.indiegroup.com>
      www.beyababa.indiegroup.com ) :
      "Occasional Detroit is an ever evolving cast of characters creating, in
      their own words, "Experimental Hip Rock". The central character of the (O-D)
      experience is Beyababa. Their shows are unpredictable theatrical free-improv
      experiments with beats. They are from Ypsilanti, MI and only play in Detroit
      -- http://www.detroitartspace.10eastern.com/media.html

      Death Sentence: Panda! (http:// <http://www.deathsentencepanda.com>
      www.deathsentencepanda.com ) :
      "In China, anger over panda hunting has led to punishments as severe as
      execution. This outrage is echoed by S.F. noise-rock trio Death Sentence:
      Panda! Composed of Paul Costuros (Total Shutdown), Kim West (Crack: WAR),
      and Chris Dixon (Murder Murder), the band channel the sounds of animals gone
      Immediately documenting their efforts after playing only a couple of live
      shows, DS:P have put out 'Puppy Kitty or Both' as one of the first official
      on Special Lord Records. The opening song, 'A+ Cannibal,' leads off with
      crisp, clear percussion and peppy vocals, which make room for a dirty,
      distorted saxophone* that obliterates the building tempo and baffles the
      listener's ear. Costuros's pitch-shifted, overdriven [clarinet] rhythms
      guide 'Oh Brother, Oh Brother' from its opening riff into an explosive mess
      and then back into a calm refrain. The album's abrupt changes from serene to
      chaotic are punctuated by flute melodies, which act as the perfect foil to
      the bass-heavy sax. West's vocals creep at a whisper, erupt into an angered
      chorus, and return to a deadpan tone. Equal parts commanding and cutesy,
      West recalls Poly Styrene and Karen O, as she taunts, 'Show us your teeth!'
      between listing animals that hate humankind on the indictment 'Animals Hate
      You.' Surviving on a diet of vengeance and melody, Death Sentence: Panda!
      have come out of hiding, ready to take on all humans."
      -- John Lombardo, San Francisco Guardian

      Murder Murder ( <http://www.totalshutdown.com/murdermurder.html>
      Insane free jazz group from San Francisco, lots of blood. Features Members
      of many bands. Did I mention the blood?

      Not much is known about this acid vocal two piece. Features members of
      Excepter, 2000 million ten and much more.

      Yowie ( <http://www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/yowie.html>
      http://www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/yowie.html )
      "O'Connor's drumming is a befuddling barrage of 32nd notes, jarring stops
      and cymbal splashes that defies simple description, often calling to mind
      the rhythmic
      mayhem of the music of Raymond Scott, the composer of scores for countless
      cartoons from the 1940s. And the dueling, microtonally tuned guitars of
      Wonsewitz and Hagerty engage in sonic relationships that don't seem to want
      to exist, often creating dissonance that's oddly compelling. It's
      high-velocity music of intense discipline, rigid structure and focused force
      [ . . . ] The aural ass-whupping they so effortlessly throw down energizes,
      excites and amazes further with every listen. It's an ululating tribute to
      human potential through music, a testament to the fact that we as humans
      have much further to go. If music is the history of the human spirit, Yowie
      proves that musicians could start being a little more honest with themselves
      by seeking out every remote nook and cranny in the mind and bathing the
      darkness in an unrelenting light. If it's possible to explain Yowie in one
      sentence, Hagerty has at least come close, if not nailed it beautifully:
      'The point is to free the material and the given tools from each other.'" -
      The Riverfront Times
      "Yowie is the best band St. Louis has ever seen." - stlpunk.com

      Jesus Balls
      Insane nutsness by Clay Ruby of Davenport, 23 productions, Pasture Fest

      APRIL 23RD
      THE JAMS 7 PM - 2 AM
      KITTY CAT KLUB 313 14th Ave SE MPLS in Dinkytown $6-8 21+


      APRIL 24TH


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