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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    Dec 17, 2004
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 272:Mechanical Mantra Mess

      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/

      29 November 2004 / 17-19

      "I woke up one morning and all of my stuff had been stolen...and
      replaced by exact duplicates." o Steven Wright

      A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. o Steven Wright

      Intro / Total Destruction [Dub] > DJ Scud [1]
      Total Destruction / Mash the Place Up > DJ Scud [1]
      Hypnotised > Mark Stewart & the Maffia [2]
      Extra Crunchy > Paniculture [3]

      Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back. o Steven Wright

      Pavement Jam: Hey Your Car's on Fire > Rev. 99 [4]
      Eat / House > Blurt [5]
      Local Bomb > Rev. 99 [4]
      Burn the Mall > Oil Experts [6]
      Noise Polluters > 2 Bad Card [7]
      Paradise of Nada > Adrian Sherwood [8]
      That Flank > Blurt [9]

      99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. o Steven Wright

      Spectre Overseas > Manasseh vs Spectre [10]
      The Unity of the Circle > Brain Damage vs Black Sifichi [11]
      Plastic World Dub > Willie Williams vs Red + Blue [12]
      Freefall > Pitchblack [13]

      If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends? o Steven
      Wright, comedian

      The Balance of the Cube > Brain Damage vs Black Sifichi [11]
      Floating Roots > Lena [12]
      My Father Dub > Brain Damage [11]
      Mountain Dub > Lena vs Dan Mateo [12]
      Hilarious Movies of the 90s > Four Tet [14]
      Outa My Head > DJ Wally [15]

      To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is
      research. o Steven Wright

      [1] "Three the Hard Way" on Cross Fade Entertainment <www.cfet.com>
      One of the great discs of a few years back. Stylish, joyous techno,
      drum'n'bass and dub destruction, beats as napalm scorching bad hair.

      [2] "As the Veneer of Democracy Begins to Fade" on On-U
      <www.onusound.co.uk>. Guy Dub-ord. Market critique on the dance
      floor. Paranoia on the killing floor. The circular saw cuts through
      the mixing board. it is heading for the drum kit.

      [3] "Black / White" on Paniculture <www.subliminal.orb/paniculture>.
      Deliriously straight-on analysis of a crooked culture which has
      become hoodwinked by the notion that the market place economy should
      be the sole determinant of all human activity. It has, in effect,
      replaced god and human volition and even governmental or
      non-governmental intervention as almost everyone has obediently taken
      up shopping as the last human activity. [50% of Americans polled
      stated that their number one favorite hobby was shopping].

      [4] "Turn a Deaf Ear / Das Capital Crimes" on Pax
      <www.paxrecordings.com> Great line: "Where's your accent from? CNN?"
      Liner notes: "CDs = social relations. Sound symbiotic. Echo social
      structure, e.g., economics, etc. Improvise and emphasize such

      [5] "Eat" Special single art edition with custom cover. Discovered
      thru talking with Mr. Ted Milton <www.tedmilton.co.uk> that he once
      used to make handcrafted books. Incredible evening by the way, seeing
      Blurt at the OCCII. This band is tight and loose, beat driven and
      improvisational, brilliant and kinetic, goofy and profound,
      inebriated and soberŠ

      [6] "Future Radio: The Sound of Urban Audio 2" on Future Radio. Some good cuts.

      [7] "Chainstore Massacre" on On-U <www.onusound.co.uk>. Inspired
      compilation of new On-U, the third generation.

      [8] "Never Trust a Hippy" on On-U <www.onusound.co.uk>. Great solo
      project by AS that combines world music with lots of trademark dub
      effects, industrial waste and inspired sample reuse including some
      nice S.E. Rogie yodel samples.

      [9] "Celebrating the Bespoke Cell" on I don't know. But contact Ted
      Milton via <www.tedmilton.co.uk>. amazingly efficient unit producing
      some of the most dynamic chord crunching avant-garde post punk jazz
      this side of the solar system.

      [10] "The Missing Two Weeks (Covert Dubs)" on Echo Beach
      <www.echobeach.de>. Some of the most unassumingly beautiful and
      complex new dub style using historical samples. Definitely top-notch
      highly recommended dub, both mellifluous and pushing some kind of
      seductive envelope.

      [11] "Ashes to Ashes - Dub to Dub" on Hammerbass <www.hammerbass.fr>.
      More great dub from France. As noted months/years earlier, there is
      something fluid and natural about French dub, something to do with
      the way that the language falls right in among the deep breathtaking
      bass beats. This is one of the best of the year and not just because
      BS interprets an excerpt from our scurrilous co-written short story
      "Wet Dreams of the Pope" [also found in Wiggling Wishbone: Stories of
      Pata-Sexual Speculation" Autonomedia, 1995].

      [12] "Do Anything / Plastic World" on BSI. RIP. This was one good
      purveyor of new world dub deeply rooted in the basics and the history
      of earlier dub.

      [13] "Ape to Angel" on Pitchblack <www.pitchblack.co.nz> is dub
      streamlined and polished so that it's humanity has been wittled away
      but somehow this does not matter. PB like Zion Train produce dub to
      send out into outer space to lure other beings into our midst.
      Precise and trance-effective.

      [14] "Floating Roots" on Quatermass [pre-release]. Brilliant fusion
      of electronica, wordsmithing, white noise, deep digi-dread beats,
      some post-Gary Clail toasting, deep bass and creative reinvention of
      dub that seems to be part of the Paris renaissance of dubŠ Lena named
      after a wandering Faulkner character is an omniverous unit that
      combines world musics from Africa with minimal techno from Germany
      but almost always with dubbish echoes as mental-sonic ballast.

      [15] "The Stoned Ranger Rides Again" on Liquid Sky. Incredibly quirky
      trip-hoppy re-use of Bacharach.

      42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. o Steven Wright
      [quotes courtesy of Cap'n Stanley]


      * Today's show was devoted to the search for some kind of balance
      between being conscious and going loony, being vigilant and going
      paranoid, and moving away fro cultural critique via lyrics, music,
      noise and finding some kind of mantra respite somewhere in the back
      neglected room of society.

      * Patapoe is back in the air and not back on the air. Seems Patapoe,
      once it does come back, will be at a new address on the dial,
      courtesy of the hegemony of commercial stations who we may or may not
      have been interfering with in Haarlem. Patapoe is getting more
      interest from DJs from the former other indie station, Radio 100 and
      the radiomaking crew seems to be poised to start a renaissance in
      noise/soundmaking. We have found a new frequency and our technical
      genius adviser is currently adjusting the transmitter. The rest of
      the equipment, although cobbled together is fairly good, the studio
      is simple and ergonomically designed, there is an FX board, a nice
      new mixing board and from week to week, the equipment seems to be
      intact, seem to not gravitate out and about. The threats by the
      government have subsided, but I agree with PB, that this does not
      mean we should not consider a status that is more fixed and
      courageous than merely being tolerated or ignored. Meanwhile, we seem
      to be streaming steadily and clearly at the above address.

      o "He Was a Communist For Dutch Intelligence" by Andrew Higgins, Wall
      Street Journal / Interactivist Info Exchange, Collaborative
      Authorship, Collective Intelligence <http://info.interactivist.net/>

      "As secretary-general of the Marxist-Leninist Party of the
      Netherlands, Chris Petersen traveled the globe during the Cold War,
      wowing Communist leaders with his revolutionary zeal and
      anticapitalist diatribes. "I could make speeches for hours and you
      would think that Mao Tse-tung himself had been my teacher," recalls
      the now-retired party chief. The Chinese Communist Party was so
      impressed, it regularly gave the ranting Dutchman the full red-carpet
      treatment in Beijing: banquets in the Great Hall of the People, an
      audience with Mao, envelopes stuffed with cash and tributes in the
      People's Daily. Albania's Communists were also big fans.

      Now, with communism all but dead, the Dutchman has decided to come
      clean: Both he and his party were a sham. He says he was never a
      Maoist but an opera-loving math teacher moonlighting for Dutch
      intelligence. His name, his politics and his party, he says, all were
      concocted in a plot to penetrate militant Marxist subculture.

      "Nothing was real," says the ex-Mr. Petersen, who now lives under his
      real name, Pieter Boevé, here in Zandvoort, a seaside resort town
      west of Amsterdam. The only genuine part of a revolutionary career
      that lasted decades, he says, was a fondness for Chinese food: The
      Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Boevé recalls, had excellent cooks. The
      Central Intelligence Agency, which got regular updates on the mock
      Maoist movement, dubbed it "Operation Red Herring," according to
      Dutch intelligence. (The CIA won't comment.) The Dutch called it
      "Project Mongol." The unmasking comes at an uncomfortable time for
      Dutch security services, now under fire for post-Communist bungling.
      Having infiltrated Maoist groups with gusto, they lost track of an
      Islamic radical blamed for the murder last month of filmmaker Theo
      van Gogh.

      Mr. Boevé, who appeared on television in a recent documentary about
      the Dutch secret service while wearing a fake beard and Groucho Marx
      plastic nose and glasses, says his past exploits provide tips that
      could help con Islamist extremists, but he doesn't envy anyone who
      might try: "It's very dangerous," he says. In a country where
      erstwhile Maoists and other radicals have become pillars of the
      establishment, the exposure of the phony Marxist-Leninist Party of
      the Netherlands, or MLPN, has caused dismay and embarrassment. Frits
      Hoekstra, a former high-ranking security official, shocked former
      colleagues in September by publishing a book that described Project
      Mongol and other escapades. The interior minister ordered an
      investigation into whether state secrets were divulged. Former
      Maoists are aghast.

      "I totally wasted 12 years of my life," says Paul Wartena, an ex-MLPN
      member who was so dedicated to the cause he used to donate 20% of his
      salary to the fake party. He says he "had some doubts now and then"
      about the MLPN but stayed loyal because "I was very naive and Mr.
      Boevé was such a good actor." Now a researcher at a university in
      Utrecht, Mr. Wartena wants Dutch intelligence to pay him back for all
      his donations. Mr. Boevé, now 74, scoffs at his acolyte: "He was an

      Boevé first started working as an informant for the Dutch secret
      service, then known as the BVD, in the late 1950s and started using a
      fake name. Invited to Moscow for a youth festival in 1957, he
      attended a reception hosted by Nikita Khrushchev and briefed Dutch

      Shortly after the Moscow festival Š Mr. Boevé got an invitation to
      China, then still aligned with the Soviet Union. While in China, he
      kept hearing Chinese officials curse Moscow, which had just cut
      funding to Beijing. The move marked the start of the Sino-Soviet
      split - and of Mr. Boevé's role as an unlikely prize agent. Desperate
      for allies against Moscow, China searched out Communists in Europe
      and elsewhere. Mr. Boevé, encouraged by the BVD, offered his
      services. He visited China in the early 1960s for a six-week course
      on Mao Tse-tung Thought. He says he got good at mimicking Chinese
      propagandaŠ. Chinese diplomats in Holland invited the man they knew
      as Chris Petersen to their mission in The Hague and gave money to
      help finance a Maoist newspaper secretly edited by the BVD. The
      result was De Kommunist. Mr. Hoekstra, the former spy and now a
      business consultant, says he once wrote a screed against the Dutch
      government. "As a civil servant, it was very satisfying," he says.

      After a year, De Kommunist announced with fanfare in 1969 the
      foundation of the Marxist-Leninist Party of the NetherlandsŠ. For the
      next decade, the fake party helped the Dutch secret police divide
      Holland's legitimate Communist movement, keep tabs on Maoist groups
      and gain access to China's eliteŠ. By the 1980s, purges and
      ideological U-turns had exhausted most Maoists in Europe, and the BVD
      began to lose interest in the ruse. China was no longer an enemy but
      a big trading partner. De Kommunist shut down. The MLPN fizzled.

      Boevé's Š political horizons have shrunk to Zandvoort. He sits on the
      local council and lobbies for better housing for the elderly. He has
      even set up yet another party: It represents old people. It doesn't
      have many members, but, says Mr. Boevé, "This time they are all real."

      I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met. o
      Steven Wright


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