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18645South Korea HELP!!!

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  • Matthew Saint-Germaine
    Oct 30, 2004
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      Some of you have had the pleasure to make my girlfriend Alexandra's
      aquaintence. She's not big on complaining or talking about her past,
      but she was adopted from South Korea into this horrible family which
      she left at age 18 and hasn't talked to since. She just recently
      found her birthmother and for her xmas present i'm flying both of us
      out to South Korea to reunite her with her mother. It's actually a
      pretty powerful story, how her mother gave birth to both her and her
      sister with just one leg and her father already deceased. She gave
      up her children for fear she would not be able to care for her. The
      letters I've read from her mother to her are just so sad, her mother
      feels she did wrong to her children and as much as i wanted to do
      this for Alexandra, i also wanted her mother to see she did the
      correct thing and that there should be no sadness on her part (to be
      honest, the letters are just tear-jerkers, her mother feels like she
      did the worst thing in the world). So with that, what i'm asking
      for, is any information anyone might have about South Korea, in terms
      of saving money, where to go, what to do, if there is ANYONE out
      there into weird shit and if there is anyway to play shows out there
      (me and her are doing a duo love noise thing). Any information, no
      matter how irrelevant you might feel it would be, would be lovely
      invading my mailbox whenever you had time. IT would be very much
      appreciated by me beyond any mere booking or record sales situation
      ever could muster combined times a billion.

      Please send it to me privately!!! Thanks!