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  • Simon Fay
    Oct 2, 2004
      "From: "michael jackson" <emptyj4@...>
      Subject: RE: On Land, state of 'Wire'

      So what of Eno today ? Is his recent work worth a
      listen ?"

      He doesn't seem to make records very often these past
      15 yrs or so. There was a disc filled with
      not-very-impressive synth-rendered church-bell-peals
      last year, to tie in with his membership of the
      millenial-clock-constructing Long Now Foundation (a
      group of ecologically-minded super-brainy elite
      technocrats apparently) but the recent reunion with
      Fripp, 'Equatorial Stars' (DGM), sounds rather nicer
      than any of the conceptually-driven works from his
      last 10-15 visiting-professorships.


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