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18422Re: [thewire] abrasive music?

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  • stuff1424@aol.com
    Aug 11 4:30 AM
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      In a message dated 10/08/04 19:55:17 GMT Daylight Time,
      sarahmichellegeller@... writes:

      > so, no-one knows any tracks/groups in a similar vein to 'tourettes' by
      > nirvana (from 'in utero')?

      I seem to remember 'XYU' by Smashing Pumpkins was in a similar vein. What
      about Wild Man Fischer? The Pop Group? There's the wonderful gibberish Damo
      Suzuki came up with in Can. Early Boredoms and of course Mike Patton. The singer in
      The Cardiacs always sounded crazy. John Lydon on 'Albatross'. I'm missing
      something really obvious... what are the best song's ever when the vocalist
      genuinely goes berserk?


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