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18421Re: [thewire] abrasive music?

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  • stuff1424@aol.com
    Aug 11, 2004
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      We could be here all day just talking about music that sounds 'abrasive'.
      Have you heard the Jane Doe album by Converge? Obviously Velvets, Crass, early
      Sonic Youth, Dead C... Most definitely Wolf Eyes/ Burmese (San Francisco's
      grind/noise/sludge behemoth)/ early Black Dice/ Arab On Radar/ Sun O)))/ Lightning
      Bolt's self-titled debut which sounds like it was recorded with a dictaphone
      left by the drum kit. Of course Throbbing Gristle's self-banned First Annual
      Report and then Whitehouse's Erector. Ruins/ early Boredoms/ Merzbow/ Melt
      Banana. There's often something abrasive in all genres, anything from The
      Homosexuals to, I dunno, DJ Scud (!)...


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      sarahmichellegeller@... writes:

      > to get off the 'heavy' music topic, what about abrasive music? by this i
      > mean music that isn't simply noisy and loud and fast but difficult to listen
      > to. stuff like 'metal machine music'.
      > any recommendations as to the most abrasive records out there?

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