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18417Re: [thewire] abrasive music?

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  • kolorform records
    Aug 10, 2004
      for difficult listening, try:
      John Zorn - Locus Solus

      sarah-michelle geller <sarahmichellegeller@...> wrote:
      i checked out all of the stuff mentioned here, and most of it was pretty
      standard grindcore - not very heavy or 'abrasive' at all.

      the last abrasive rock record i heard was 'legion' by deicide...actually it
      was more heavy than abrasive.

      so, no-one knows any tracks/groups in a similar vein to 'tourettes' by
      nirvana (from 'in utero')?

      to get off the 'heavy' music topic, what about abrasive music? by this i
      mean music that isn't simply noisy and loud and fast but difficult to listen
      to. stuff like 'metal machine music'.

      any recommendations as to the most abrasive records out there?

      > Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 04:38:16 +0000
      > From: "c a c t u s" <cactusd@...>
      >Subject: Re: heavy noisy HEA-VY music
      >good recent abrasive rock: sightings, flying luttenbachers, burmese, total
      >shutdown, fat worm of error, leviathan, boris. >cactus
      >My question is, when was the last time a rock record was actually
      >abrasive? "Upside Down"? Hijokaiden's version of "Silver Machine"?
      > Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:32:24 -0400
      > From: "Wilson, Carl" <cwilson@...>
      >Subject: heavy noisy HEA-VY music
      >Lightning Bolt?
      >Techno Menses?
      >Atari Teenage Riot?
      >carl w.

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