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18144RE: [thewire] This Moment In Black History/Fatal Flying Guiloteens Tour HELP

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  • carlos torres
    May 8, 2004
      While I cant promise it yet, if its a possibility, would you like a date in
      San Luis Obispo, CA on the 7th? Its right in between LA and SF.


      >From: Daniel DiMaggio <ddimaggi@...>
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      >Subject: [thewire] This Moment In Black History/Fatal Flying Guiloteens
      >Tour HELP
      >Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 16:17:10 -0400
      >Hey everybody,
      > If you can offer any help with the situation below, contact
      >info@... . Thanks!
      >Yet again we have been called upon to save a crucial tour from certain
      >We have the new Version City band THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY going out on
      >the road w/ the FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS beginning next Friday the 14th of
      >May. The booking agents we had hired have been relieved of their duties,
      >and now it's up to me and the bands to get this show on the road.
      >Both bands are fantastic live loud frantic rock and roll music, with a
      >pedigree going back pretty deep. TMIBH feature the Bassholes drummer and
      >several younger punk/rock notables (ex-Neon King Kong and Chargers Street
      >Gang). Their debut LP/CD "Midwesterncuttalistick" is released on Version
      >City on May 11th. The Guilloteens are from Houston, TX and have been around
      >for over 5 years, and have released a handful of singles and two LPs on
      >Estrus. The two bands have a split EP coming out on GSL this year.
      >We have a capable publicist, radio promotion from Fanatic, and beautiful
      >6-color silkscreened posters to commemorate the tour. You are promised a
      >ridiculous and liberating live rock experience by these two bands.
      >What you see below is the current routing -- many dates need to be filled
      >by any means necessary. Your assistance in this area is crucial.
      >Please get in touch at info@... if you want to book a
      >show, have leads, or can offer support or routing advice otherwise.
      >5/14 Chicago, IL @ Fireside Bowl (w/ New Black)
      >5/15 Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks (w/ The Sick Lipstick)
      >5/16 Cleveland, OH @ the Grog Shop (w/ The Locust)
      >5/17 nothing (upstate NY/montreal/northern PA)
      >5/18 nothing (providence/boston/new england)
      >5/19 Boston, MA @ Midway Cafe
      >5/20 New York, NY @ Lit Lounge (w/ QATSI, Earl Greyhound)
      >5/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Tommy's Tavern (w/ The Means)
      >5/22 Jersey City, NY early TMIBH and FFGs record for Terre T at WFMU
      >5/22 late - nothing (philly/NJ/DC/delaware/eastern PA)
      >5/23 nothing (DC/Baltimore/Richmond)
      >5/24 Asheville, NC @ Vincent's Ear
      >5/25 Atlanta, GA @ Echo Lounge
      >5/26 Athens, GA @ Tasty World
      >5/27 Nashville, TN @ Springwater
      >5/28 nothing (Memphis?)
      >5/29 Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory
      >5/30 nothing (texas?)
      >5/31 Austin, TX @ Emo's (w/ Camp X-Ray)
      >6/01 nothing (El Paso?)
      >6/02 nothing (new mexico)
      >6/03 nothing (Arizona)
      >6/04 San Diego, CA @ Honey Bee Hive
      >6/05 nothing (another LA show?)
      >6/06 Los Angeles, CA @ the Smell (w/ Starvations, Year Future)
      >6/07 nothing (Oakland?)
      >6/08 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
      >6/09 Portland, OR @ Twilight Cafe (w/ Oxford Collapse)
      >6/10 nothing (Seattle/Olympia)
      >6/11 Vancouver, BC @ Brickyard
      >6/12 nothing (Seattle/Olympia)
      >6/13 nothing (Seattle/Olympia/Bellingham)
      >6/14 nothing (Boise)
      >6/15 nothing (Salt Lake City)
      >6/16 nothing (Vegas?)
      >6/17 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
      >6/18 nothing (someplace in between Denver and Ohio)
      >6/19 Bowling Green, OH @ some festival
      >6/20 nothing
      >6/21 nothing

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