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18039Spectral Music

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  • njcross
    Mar 30, 2004
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      I've got a kinda objection to The Primer Nov 2003: 'Spectral Music' -
      sorry I'm so late in writing this.

      Andy Hamilton wrote fairly offhandedly about Tristan Murail:

      'Murail was Grisey's most important partner in the development of spectralism,
      though his music is less compelling.'

      Now,I wasn't exactly thrilled by the 'middle class' way Murail was
      introduced to
      the British scene in the first place,but Andy Hamilton's statement is
      patiently untrue for many people. His orchestration is superb. The
      early use of IRCAM Max
      to synthesize the partials used with his acoustic ensembles (not to mention a
      kind of rudimentary 'human' sequencer to play the partials was truly

      I suppose in the end it all comes down to gain saying,but I would
      hate perspective listeners to be put off listening to Tristan Murail
      by Andy's
      statement. I just hope it wasn't a quote from any of the 'thanked' people
      mentioned at the end of the article.

      Whew,that's better,

      N.J. Cross
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