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17896Re: Out of print jazz collections

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  • gplcob
    Feb 2, 2004
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      I don't have any answers to the original message, but since Billie
      Holiday was mentioned...
      I own her boxsets on Columbia and Verve, as the double-CDs on Jazz
      Factory, for her Commodore and Decca recordings ; am I missing
      anything ?

      Another artist I'd like to discover is Skip James, following the Soul
      Of A Man movie by Wim Wenders ; the movie mentions 18 guitar tracks
      and 8 piano tracks in the 1931 session, which ones are missing from
      the "Complete Early Recordings" comps (only 18 tracks in each) ? And
      with his later work, where should I start ? Same question with JB
      Lenoir, by the way...

      thanks in advance !

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