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  • TC CP
    Feb 1, 2004
      >From: "Reynols ^" <reynols@...>
      >Subject: REYNOLS "HOLYDAYS"
      >Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 16:53:16 +0000
      >Hi, Everybody
      >In the past few days, we have received an overwhelming amount of messages
      >from institutions, fans & friends from all over the world expressing their
      >sorrow for our announcement of
      >cycle-ending. That's why, in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding,
      >we would like to explain some points.
      >First of all, we would like to make clear that we are still together as a
      >human group and we are in our best condition, both personally and
      >After many years working with Reynols, the thing was growing really big. In
      >then years we have made over one hundred records, gigs, works on TV, long
      >tours in US and Europe, benefit shows, workshops, etc. This proved very
      >intense for us, and hence our decision to take a some time �off�. Our
      >"holiday" will give us enough time to evaluate past experiences and gather
      >strength for our coming cycle. In this context, using a name or not using
      >it is but a detail. In a sense, the whole process can be conceived of more
      >as a transmutation than as a dissolution.
      >In fact, we will keep on working together, now firstly with Sol Mayor, a
      >project integrating more special musicians that gives benefit concerts for
      >schools and other institutions related to disability. And will also
      >continue developing new projects that will be announced and released in due
      >time. However we don't discard the possibility of using the name Reynols
      >again for any particular activity we embark on after our "holiday".
      >Your reaction to our announcement made us realize what our music means for
      >many people, specially for all those related to the field of disability. We
      >really value the importance you people attribute to our work, and would
      >like to thank everyone for all the support and the kindness received.
      >All the best
      >Buenos Aires
      >February 1st 2004

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