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17774Re: [thewire] Re: was Osama Bin Laden interviewed for the new issue?

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  • James Duncan
    Jan 7, 2004
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      holy hmmm...maybe you should stay out of politics too.

      i really dont know what angle you are trying to take
      on DS comments as it seems to me that you are making
      some rather blanket "on the surface" idiotic comments

      the one thing that watching the 3000 ppl die first
      hand has taugh me (atleast) is that death and human
      suffering work and are played out unfort on many
      different levels, and debate on this one event must be
      seen a greater context (if only this was the norm, but
      who can change humna nature).

      to condemn someone's "overtly simple ideas" with the
      ones that youve transplanted (which from these seats
      seem equally simple), does nothing to further the
      discourse of discussion that DS in engaging in..althou
      i havent read the article so i wont comment on his

      do we even need a greater discourse? that remains to
      be seen. 3000 ppl have died. not alot will change that
      at the end of the day

      at one point during the various subway anthrax and
      bomb threats that were happening here in the city
      after 9-11, i contemplated carrying a card in my
      wallet asking that no wars be fought in my name should
      i be killed. a rather macabre take on current events,
      but something that i thought would add to the
      discourse in the event of my death from another
      terrorist attack.

      we talk about avenging the death of the dead, but are
      we even sure that the dead would want their deaths
      avenged? for they cannot speak.

      so if youre goin to start a discussion on these highly
      topical points, please take the time to succinctly
      explain your postion rather than throw a bunch of "hot
      button" type phrases together so we can get an idea of
      what youre trying to say.

      cause right now, i for one am totally lost.

      --- gradyfinklemyer <gradyfinklemyer@...>
      > Here's another stupid misreading from Sylvian's
      > World Citizen single-
      > "And the buildings fall in a cloud of dust,
      > and we ask ourselves how can they hate us,
      > well when we live in ignorance and luxury,
      > while our superpowers practice puppetmastery"
      > That is really crass and simplistic, and "stupid". I
      > think David
      > should stick to cod-zen and give up on the politics.
      > It is almost
      > embarassing. And this is coming from a long time
      > fan. Maybe all of
      > the fucking morons who are so into bashing the U.S.
      > nowadays (no, I'm
      > not pro-Bush or a yahoo superpatriot) should realize
      > that all of this
      > stems from what event? When some religious fucks
      > decided to kill 3000
      > people? (Oh, but they'll have thousands of virgins
      > in Heaven now,
      > won't they? Praise Allah! ha!!!) I'm sure when they
      > were planning the
      > attack on WTC they were saying to themselves, "its
      > because they live
      > in ignorance and luxury." And even if that was the
      > case, it's sure a
      > damn good reason! arf arf
      > --- In thewire@yahoogroups.com, Bill Ashline
      > <williamlashline@h...>
      > wrote:
      > > On 1/7/04 2:33 PM, "gradyfinklemyer"
      > <gradyfinklemyer@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > "On a page in history the seeds were sown for
      > the beginning of the
      > > > end of the American empire." Came across this
      > quote in the new
      > issue
      > > > and my mouth dropped open. I didn't realize
      > Osama was being
      > > > interviewed for The Wire. Oops, it was David
      > Sylvian. Hey,
      > > > congratulations on uttering the stupidest words
      > of the issue
      > David!
      > >
      > > Stupid misreading of David Sylvian.

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