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  • Sebastien Dalphond
    Jun 5, 1998
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      Mark Lamb wrote:
      > From: Mark Lamb <MLAMB@...>
      > Hello,
      > A quick query for listening advice.. I am on the lookout
      > for anything nearing the density of the material presented
      > on the No U Turn "Torque" compilation, and "Low Profile
      > Darkness" by Panacea... Any recommendations that
      > could be supplied either via list or private are most
      > welcome.

      Panacea's Twisted Designz (newest LP/CD) is another fine one, but it is
      a little different (has less tech-step beats, more experimental beats).

      Other than that, you can check out anything on Chrome/Position
      Chrome/Force Inc.: Heinrich at Hart, Problem Child, etc.

      Anything by Arcon2, Technical Itch, Source Direct, Optical, Matrix, etc.
      would also be in the same vein.

      The best in the genre remains Panacea, though (IMO).

      Sebastien Dalphond, b. eng.
      Toonboom Technologies Inc. tel 514.278.toon
      Montreal Canada fax 514.278.boom

      "If you go flying back through time and you see
      somebody else flying forward into the future,
      it's probably best to avoid eye contact."
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