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  • Davis Ford
    Jun 5, 1998
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      OLDSCHREC@... wrote:

      > From: <OLDSCHREC@...>
      > The latest issue of the Wire (according to US subscription shipping speed) has
      > an article on Sun City Girls. I've been interested in checking them out but
      > their music seems to be all over the place in styles. I've only heard a
      > little of the new Dulce sdtrk which I liked and their second record Horse Cock
      > Phepner? which was like the Fugs but weirder which was not their best I'm
      > sure.
      > I'm particularly interested in the middle eastern droney stuff, minimalism
      > like early La Monte Young & the Theatre of Eternal Music, more instrumental or
      > free jazz type pieces recommendations. I like the Yatha Sidhra krautrock band
      > doing meditative eastern drone on "A Meditation Mass" and ragas of early Third
      > Ear Band as well as egyptian jazz like Sun Ra or lyrical free jazz.
      > Any input would be greatly appreciated.

      I'm only familiar with two of their albums..notably Torch of the Mystics, and
      Bright Surroundings, Dark Beginnings.

      Torch of the Mystics..like the article says, is absolutely necessary. I love
      album. It's got the Middle Eastern flavor / free jazz meandering...Bishop's
      guitar work is phenomenal.

      Bright Surroundings is good as well. First track is about 10 minutes of
      though, which is annoying. But like their interview indicates, they don't care
      they're annoying. The other tracks are good 'practice-space' type guitar
      jams, much in the same vein as the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, who
      learned this first from the Sun City Girls.

      Anyhow, that's what I know. I'm also interested in getting / learning more. I
      hear that 30,000 CrossDressers album is very good.


      --I have no idea why this list is so quiet. I think it's at over 100
      now..perhaps none of you have fingers to type in the words that are burning
      in your skulls.
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