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  • jon attwood
    Oct 1, 2003
      i just picked up the rough trade 'post punk volume 1' which includes quite a
      few lost classics i bought first time round but no longer have... among
      them, the fish needs a bike - brilliant but not quite as good as 'get' in my

      also 'lost' and deserving of a reissue are the early scritti politti rough
      trade st. pancras releases. my copy of skank bloc bologna developed a skip
      years back so it's good to have that on cd (tho i expect the skips when i
      hear it!) but the 4 'a' sides 12" was a huge personal favourite for a long

      also mentioned was the streets comp - some awful stuff on that but some
      great things as well - i'm sure somewhere there is a cd reissue of the art
      attacks stuff (used to have a single called 'first and last' which was

      on a rough trade thing - what about the thomas leer and robert rental stuff,
      the cherry red 'labels unlimited' compilation...

      getting all commercial - adam and the antz 'dirk wears white sox' (on cd)
      commands ridiculous prices on ebay these days...


      - y e l l o w 6 -

      - make mine music -