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17430Re: R: [thewire] Great lost albums.

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  • Stevo
    Oct 1, 2003
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      --- In thewire@yahoogroups.com, "Charlie M" <charlie.m@u...> wrote:
      > Hope Henry Rollins gets his finger out with the Howard LP.
      > Charlie.
      Has Rollins still got a reissue label going then?
      I thought 2:13:61 had folded taking its catalogue with it.
      and Infinite Zero was long goine too.
      Shame since both labels put out some pretty cool stuff.
      Still kicking myself for not getting the Iceberg Slim cd when I had
      the chance.
      Also reminded, is there a good live TRoublefunk cdout that's actually
      banded for separate tracks? I think the INfinite Zero one wasn't.
      and while thinking about Go-Go is there any way to get hold of
      Osiris's War On THe Bullshit on cd?
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