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  • menschenfiend
    Oct 1, 2003
      "Menschenfeind Productions is now a brick and mortar
      store. The store will focus on indy music, including
      emo, etc
      A wide variety of books, and magazines will also be carried

      In addition to stocking titles from the larger indy distributers,
      Im looking to work with independent labels and
      artists, that may not be represented by such distributers. This is
      the only independent
      record store in columbia mo. More then 70% of the pop.
      are students, or under 30. Its a good market.

      If your interested in having your band/labels music
      in the store, Im willing to do the following,
      30-90 day terms on all merchandise, tapes, cds,
      videos. If after how many days your items doesnt sell,
      ill mail them back. If they do sell Ill send the $,
      and order more of that title paying upfront. Id prefer
      to have cds, vinyl or video. I will deal with tapes
      and cdr, but please try to atleast package them in a
      somewhat decent matter. No ones going to buy a cdr in
      a plastic bag with some bands name written on the disc
      with a majic marker.
      email sales at menschenfeind dot com
      for more details