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17293RE: Cover Acts

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  • John Gibson
    Sep 2, 2003
      With regard to the ongoing grumblings about certain acts making the cover,
      particularly the ridiculous sniping about Yo La Tengo, I can only conclude
      that a great many Wire readers are incapable of experiencing emotions,
      particularly those relating to LOVE. Yes, that's right - LOVE. Songs about
      LOVE. The simple, but profound emotional tie to another with all the sweet,
      tender moments that brings. LOVE. Remember how to spell that, it might come
      in useful in future. And whilst I'm as partial to a bit of abstract,
      scrambled noise as anyone else, I feel it is important to include artists who
      engage the heart in a direct way, given this is an integral part of the human
      experience. For most of us anyway. Except certain people who dwell here,

      Oh no, now I've had to engage my emotions, better hide them away in future...

      This is precisely why I can barely be bothered with this list any more.

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