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17264Re: elogy/eulogy and Matmos covers

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  • gradyfinklemyer
    Aug 31, 2003
      Yo La Tengo is pretty useless, but I can see why they would put them
      on the cover instead of Kagel, who was in the same issue. On the
      other hand, if some indie schmoe picks up the Yo La Tengo issue, are
      they really going to like the Kagel, Asmsus Tietchens, The Ex, etc
      that was in that issue? I think the magazine has pretty much found
      its audience, so they shouldn't be afraid of putting more obscure
      artists on the cover. People who like the magazine are going to buy
      it regardless of who's on the cover, and the few extra sales they may
      get from a Yo La Tengo, Radiohead, Mercury Rev, or DJ Shadow cover
      are probably not going to have first time buyers coming back for more
      when they find out it isn't like Spin.

      > re: 15 is too young to die. Yes, agreed. He used the word "elogy"
      > not -"eulogy".
      > re: Matmos on the cover. What 5 covers are worthy in recent
      > and/or....what 5 artists should have made the cover? Then we can
      get a
      > better view of your taste. Realize that every musician that should
      have made
      > a Wire cover in your opinion is equally despised by some random
      person on
      > some random email list. Me? as someone else said, I don't think
      > should get more than one cover-ever-. But thats just me.
      > Peter
      > np: Stan Kenton- New Concepts
      > > Message: 1
      > > Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 12:21:52 +1000
      > > From: chux <chux_vom@o...>
      > > Subject: Re: only 15
      > >
      > >> Whats more impressive than Guilherme being 15 years old is that
      a 15 year
      > >> old used the word "elogy" in a sentence!
      > >>
      > >> !!
      > >
      > > 15 is too young to die.
      > >
      > > chx
      > Message: 2
      > Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 19:05:23 -0000
      > From: "gradyfinklemyer" <gradyfinklemyer@y...>
      > Subject: new issue
      > I see that Matmos is on the cover. Couldn't they have just left
      > cover blank, instead?
      > I'm going to go stick a tape recorder in my toilet, then mix the
      > some "electronica" in with the toilet concrete sounds. Maybe I'll
      > throw in a phat beat or two. Can I be on the cover next?
      > Oh what wonderful new clothes the emperor is wearing.
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