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17078Chat session with Zawinul Syndicate musicians

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  • jzawinul
    Jul 3, 2003
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      Hi all friends,
      this message to inform you that the Joe Zawinul Unofficial Italian
      Fansite (http://www.zawinulfans.org) is setting up interesting chat
      sessions between Zawinul/Weather Report/Pastorius supporters and
      jazz/fusion lovers in general. We already carried out very
      interesting chat session with also some special guest, such as
      Victor Bailey, Ingrid Pastorius, Matthew Garrison and Michiel
      Borstlap (and we had a lot of fun!!).
      They are fantastic occasions to have the possibility of 'talking'
      directly with people who shares your same musical interests and,
      sometimes, with musicians who have been personally involved in the
      history of this music.

      Next chat session will be carried out before/during next Zawinul
      Syndicate concert in rome (6th of July). If everithing is OK, we'll
      have the possibility to briefly interview the Zawinul Synsicate
      musicians (Joe Zawinul, Manolo Badrena, Linley Marthe, Amit
      Chatterjee, Stephane Galland).

      Next chat session is scheduled for:
      SUNDAY 6th of JULY, 2003
      1 PM U.S. Eastern Time - 7 PM Central European Time
      (ore 19 in Italia)
      our (very) special friend INGRID PASTORIUS

      You all are invited.

      To enter in our chatroom, please read what follows:
      1. Connect with a Java-enabled browser to the following address:
      Please be sure that the Java functionality is active on your browser
      2. Wait some minutes while the Java application is loaded - If you
      are asked for a confirmation (for the installation of the plugin)
      answer 'Yes' in the dialog window that will be opened.
      3. Choose a nickname and then click on the "Connect" button; if
      theconnection fails, try choosing a different nickname
      4. You're in!!

      If you want to connect to our channel through MIRC or another IRC
      client, use the following settings:
      IRC server: irc.net36.com
      Port: 7000
      Channel: #zawinulfans

      If you have troubles, an help page is available at:
      If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us
      at: chat@...

      Hope to have you as our guest in our chatroom!! :-)

      All the best,

      Joe Zawinul Unofficial Italian Fansite
      In collaboration with: