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17071[thewire] Re: Brazilian music

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  • Jason Witherspoon
    Jul 1, 2003
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      At 9:44 AM +0000 7/1/03, metrolounger wrote:
      >If you mean the 1968 album Domingo, with Caetano Veloso, you can get
      >it as an import on Amazon.
      >Subject: Re: [thewire] Brazilian music
      >talking of Brazilian music, I have been heavily into
      >tropicalia and have got quite a few related albums.
      >The one I cannot find is the first Gal Costa album:
      >anyone have any clues where to find??

      They've got both of her s/t 1969 albums at Dusty Grooves for $13.99 a
      pop-- the superior-sounding recent Brazilian reissues, too--


      Jason Witherspoon
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