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  • A.S. Van Dorston
    Jul 1, 2003

      Not counting Domingo with Caetano, Gal Costa is the first, Gal is second, I believe.

      Gal Costa -- Gal Costa (1969) . . . CD . . . $13.99 (Item: 10737)
      Polygram (Brazil), 1969 Condition: New Copy [input] View Cart
      One of the most fantastic early MPB albums ever! Insanely wonderful mix of psychedelic production with post-bossa Brazilian vocals and pop stylings. Great mix of material by Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil, and others, and all put together with a mind-blowing mix of groovy electronics, breezy piano, and crazy orchestrations. A must for any fan of Brazilian music from this era, and includes many classics like "Nao Identificado", "Lost in the Paradise", "Que Pena", and more! Wild electronics, cool harsh guitars, jazzy rhythms, and Gal's beautiful voice soaring over the top of it all in heavenly lyrical tones. Classic stuff, and the sort of recording that legends are made of!

      Gal Costa -- Gal (1969) . . . CD . . . $13.99 (Item: 11168)
      Philips/Mercury (Brazil), 1969 Condition: New Copy [input] View Cart
      Nicely priced Brazilian reissue of this massive Tropicalia album by Gal -- offered here with great sound and the original cover art! The groove is totally over the top Tropicalia stuff, with lots of wild guitars, cool electronics, mad studio work, and beautiful vocals by Gal herself. The set features loads of tracks by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, and the two of them even guest on a performance of "Pais Tropical". Other tracks include her famous recording of "Tuareg", plus "Meu Nome E Gal", "The Empty Boat", "Pulsars E Quasars", and "Cultura E Civilizaco". Essential!

      John Jones <jahminguk@...> wrote:
      No, not that one - the 1969 solo one, much more
      tropicalia-sounding (at least if the one track I've
      heard from it is anything to go by)...

      --- metrolounger wrote:
      If you mean the 1968 album Domingo, with Caetano
      Veloso, you can get
      it as an import on Amazon.

      Subject: Re: [thewire] Brazilian music

      talking of Brazilian music, I have been heavily into
      tropicalia and have got quite a few related albums.
      The one I cannot find is the first Gal Costa album:
      anyone have any clues where to find??

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