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16923[thewire] Re: answers on an electronic postcard and they'd better be good :)

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  • Jason Witherspoon
    May 29, 2003
      At 4:32 AM +0000 5/30/03, gradyfinklemyer wrote:
      > The Flaming Lips have always struck me as psych-poseurs and the
      >music just doesn't seem very good. There is something very hollow at
      >the core of a record like Soft Bulletin. It might be ok on the first
      >spin, but there is nothing of lasting value. It wears out it's
      >welcome real quick. Wayne's vocals are kind of irritating. The
      >lyrics are banal. The music is ho-hum. And their more "electronic"
      >direction on the tracks I heard from the new album is distinctly
      >boring. Wayne's wacky Wilson/Barrett persona is grating and he tries
      >way too hard (ie the blood and the puppets, etc ad naseaum). They are
      >overrated imho.

      _Soft Bulletin_ does kinda stink, but then so does Radiohead.

      _In a Priest Driven Ambulance_, _Hit to Death in the Future Head_,
      _Transmissions from the Satellite Heart_, & _Providing Needles for
      Your Balloons_ is where their rep lies, imo (around '90-'94).


      Jason Witherspoon
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      "...almost any idea which jogs you out of your current abstractions
      may be better than nothing." -- Alfred North Whitehead

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