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  • Jim Flannery
    May 27, 2003
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      michael wrote to wire:

      mj> I recall seeing this video circa 1986-87. I do NOT recall Mark Almond
      mj> in the video, however, it has been a while and my memory does not
      mj> always serve me so well.

      Almond *is* in the video, playing the "Angel of Death" -- he walks into
      the hospital room wearing a black leather jacket and stands (smiling,
      IIRC) at the foot of the bed at the moment of death.

      It was banned? Really? I guess it says something that merely hinting
      that AIDS patients were human beings was controversial back in those
      pre-ACTUP days, but I don't really remember much reaction to it beyond
      "wow, great video" ... but then, I lived in San Francisco. It got a fair
      bit of play on the USA Network at the time, as part of an often-repeated
      Some Bizarre special on "Night Flight" which also featured Einst├╝rzende
      Neubauten going at it, complete with demolition equipment, on an
      abandoned freeway in a wintry landscape ... can't remember the song
      offhand but it was something from _Drawings of O.T._.

      Jim Flannery newgrange@...

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