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  • A.S. Van Dorston
    May 5, 2003
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      I think the guitars are significantly different on just a couple cuts. One could associate the tones to nu/spice metal I suppose, or it might remind one of old Fishbone. It sounds fine to me. Maybe I'll upload both to my SoulSeek folder and people can hear from themselves.
      Jason Witherspoon <arzachel@...> wrote:At 8:34 AM -0700 5/5/03, A.S. Van Dorston wrote:
      >I totally disagree. I reviewed both side by side, listening to each
      >version, track-to-track. First of all, the difference is
      >noticeable, but not that big. The mixes are hard to tell apart
      >sometimes, other than the live drums. All the same hip-hop type
      >samples are still in there. I think the mix with the live drums has
      >the edge on the original version. It has more energy.
      >Significantly, N.E.R.D. did not intend to release the first mix.
      >They were pissed when Virgin put it out in the U.K. without their
      >consent. They just considered it a demo, from what I read. And it
      >sounds like it (though it's still really good). Don't believe the
      >hype. http://www.fastnbulbous.com/nerd_in.htm

      Further "hype" from me, the hype-merchant:

      Live drums are nice, sure, but the guitars on the new version stink
      of rap-metal. Limp Bizkit, the full crap monty. If you
      side-by-sided 'em & couldn't tell much difference, maybe there's a
      3rd album out there that I'm missing out on, 'coz the 2 I'm talking
      about sound waaaay different.

      >Jason Witherspoon wrote:At 1:49 PM +0000
      >5/4/03, Stevo wrote:
      >>N.E.R.D. In Search Of
      >>Poppy rap stuff.
      >>Deeply influenced by that early 80s Electro type stuff.
      >>I was really reminded of the Planet Patrol +Jonzun Crew stuff I
      >>picked up last year.
      >>I heard that this was originally cut as the Neptunes production team
      >>artificially trying to put a rock influenced lp together in the
      >>studio. Limited released in that form , then the group returned to
      >>the studio withy live musicians and recut it. Got some pretty tasty
      >>surfy guitar licks on it too.
      >They should've stuck w/the earlier "hip-hop" mix; far, far superior
      >imo. And it's been available on a Virgin France cd for a while--
      >think we might even still have a few:

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