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16839Re: once.twice fest last weekend

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  • Stevo
    May 4, 2003
      --- In thewire@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Fleming <ajf213@n...> wrote:
      > So, anybody make it to the once.twice festival in Baltimore over the
      > weekend? I was at the Saturday night performance (audio+video
      duos), which
      > was good, but there was quite a mismatch between the gallery or
      > auditorium-appropriate stuff and the more dancefloor-oriented
      things. Was
      > anybody at the dance-oriented thing at Sonar on Friday night?
      > -Andrew

      Just trying to catch up with posts I've missed while exam logged.
      Didn't catch this thing obviously but whassa story on this upcoming
      Stirling Scotland festie?
      Is it all in the same venue so the bands ain't clashing?
      Have seen that 2 bands I'd wanna see if I went are on the same night.
      +what's the story on accommodation. loadsa local B+Bs or summat?
      Np NERD Rock Star
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