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16672John Peel, Boyd Rice, Z'EV, DJ Swamp, The Haters - at Turnament, July 11 - 12.

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  • hertzlion
    Mar 22, 2003
      Hello unto you.

      This is to inform you that the Turnament festival of turntablism,
      produced by David Cotner in association with UCLA Performing Arts,
      takes place July 11 - 12 at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus in Westwood.
      Ticket prices have been lowered to $35 / night, $60 for the weekend
      pass; UCLA student discount at $20 / night, $35 the weekend pass (only
      200 of these seats each day are available!).

      Friday, July 11th
      · amk - Los Angeles
      · The Haters - San Francisco
      · Kool Herc - New York City
      · Boyd Rice - Denver
      · Fog - Minneapolis
      · Extended Organ - Los Angeles
      · DJ Jester - San Antonio
      · DJ Faust & Shortee - Atlanta
      · David Woodard - Los Angeles - lecture / exposition of the Brion
      Gysin Dreamachine

      · Your DJs are Baseck & Daedelus (Los Angeles), and L?K?O & Z'EV
      (Tokyo / New York).
      · Your MC is Dolemite - Mr. Rudy Ray Moore!

      and Saturday, July 12th
      · David Woodard - Los Angeles - lecture / exposition of the Brion
      Gysin Dreamachine
      · DJ Smallcock - Sydney
      · Ace & Duce - Los Angeles
      · KutMasta Kurt - Los Angeles
      · John Oswald (directed by Susanna Hood) - Toronto
      · Emil Beaulieau - Lowell
      · GrandWizzard Theodore - New York City
      · DJ Swamp - Los Angeles
      · Project Dark - London

      · Your DJs are A. Stray & DJ Nightmare (Cambridge, UK) and John Peel
      (London - first-ever U.S. festival appearance).
      · Your MC is the Swedish Egil - Egil Aalvik!

      Future bulletins as events warrant, of course.


      Kim Sotos-Kim

      DC / ksk


      Note: This information was sent to you because you (or possibly
      someone you know) indicated an interest in this kind of music in past.
      Our intention is not to hassle you with unbearable amounts of "spam".
      Should you wish to receive no further updates on Turnament (or if you
      have received unnecessary duplicate copies of this message) please let
      us know, and your name shall be swiftly and cheerfully removed from
      the database. We are only artists and mean you no harm. This message
      is not sent robotically.
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